Kerim El Mokdad 5

24 frames per second

  • Music Theatre/Dance
  • independent production
  • 2020
“A radical evening that throws you back on your own perception.”
Swiss National Broadcast
“This is brutal, it hurts and stimulates thought, especially because of the blatantly unfulfilled expectations and wishes of a dance theatre.”


    • 17 – 19 March 2022
      • Théatre de Vidy
    • 7 – 9 September 2020
      • Wiener Festwochen
    • 18 + 19 March 2020
      • Gessnerallee (Zürich)
    • 21 – 23 February 2020
      • Kaserne Basel
    • 20 February 2020
      • Kaserne Basel
      • World Premiere

A co-production with the Wiener Festwochen.

A space between no man's land, film set and white cube. In it six dancers, a piano quartet and a billboard. They warm up their instruments, stretch their bodies, meet, lose themselves, disappear. While the flickering light of a video projection pervades the room, a beat slowly develops, a pulse.

Making films means watching people die in 24 frames per second, according to the famous observation of French director Jean Cocteau. The new evening by Boris Nikitin, in a cross-fading of music theatre, dance and video art, appropriates this sentence and directs the gaze to the integration of our bodies into time. What happens when they are subjected to organic processes? When do our bodies become moved and moving images, this fragile state we call identity?

With " 24 frames per second " Nikitin follows up his pieces "Attempt of Dying" and "Hamlet" and creates a musical painting about the vulnerability of the body, between documentary realism, appropriation art and surrealism. The evening looks not least at what takes place between the images, between the movements - at the gaps in space, at the passing of time.

"24 frames per second" is a collaboration with the piano quartet Kukuruz, the choreographer Lee Méir and the video artist Georg Lendorff.

Concept and execution
Boris Nikitin
Piano quartet
Choreographic collaboration
Lee Méir
Georg Lendorff, Federico Neri
Lee Méir
Kukuruz, Adolfina Fuck
Gay Guerilla/Julius Eastman, Sacre/Boris Nikitin, Medley/Kukuruz & Boris Nikitin
Johannes Maas, Annett Hardegen, Boris Nikitin
Technical director
Benjamin Hauser
Assistance equipment
Kerim El-Mokdad
Dance / Performance
Akiles, Eli Cohen, Dessa Ganda, Renen Itzhaki, Josefine Mühle, Natascha Moschini
Annett Hardegen / It’s The Real Thing Studios

A production by
It's The Real Thing Studios,

in co-production with:
Kaserne Basel, Gessnerallee, Wiener Festwochen.

Funded by the three-year grant of the
Theatre/Dance Committee of the Cantons of Basel-Land and Basel-Stadt.

With the support of:
Stanley Thomas Johnson Foundation, Jaqueline Spengler Foundation, Fondation Nestlé pour l'Art, SIS-Swiss Interpretenstiftung, Pro Helvetia, Ernst Göhner Foundation