• A talk
  • Theater Neumarkt
  • 2014

Boris Nikitin speaks with the swiss medicide organisation "Exit" about freedom, potenitality and death.

For a long time the argument about death counted as the most important step towards a good life. The activity of organisation "Exits" can be considered as a far reflex and at the same time contiuation of this tradition. "Exit" enables assisted suicide to its members for a marginal amount. At the same time to die becomes a matter of organisabilty.
Boris Nikitin researched on the work of medicide assistants by having various interviews that he now continues in Theatre Neumarkt in front of the audience. These interviews give an astonishing insight into concrete life realities. It is surprising, that within these individual stories about the decision not to go on life reappears as a "potentiality", as something that can be designed, decided and steered - beyond the inevitability of having to live.

Talk: Boris Nikitin and Heidi Vogt, head of suicide assistance of "Exit"

Concept and presentation
Boris Nikitin

A collaboration with Theater Neumarkt and Exit – association for human dying