How to win friends & influence people

Martin Luther Propaganda Symposium

  • A German weekend
  • Jena
  • 2017


    • 16 – 18 June 2017
      • Theaterhaus Jena

People put their bodies into the public. They stand up, expose themselves, rise their voice. They claim visibility and the right to be vulnerable. They look for change, be it the disruption of the political conditions or the transformation of their biographies or their bodies.

In the competition about interpretation they claim having a part.

Martin Luther Propaganda Symposium, conceived by this years awardee of the Lenz-Award Boris Nikitin, is at the same time experimental symposium and artistic happening. A collage of stories, faces and bodies that assemble in theatrical real time to an expressionistic picture.

The programme contains Nikitins church performance «How to win friends & influence people», the collective Markus&Markus show «Ibsen:Gespenster», one of the most radical and at the same time moving theatre works of the last years, the iconoclasts Monster Truck will give their own version of a populist speech, the author, performer and activist Laura de Weck shows her lecture performance on self-exposure in social media, Oliver Zahn and Julian Warner - shooting stars of the young independent German theatre scene - perform their lecture on "Minstrelsy & Pop Culture», Daniel Boyarin, professor for Talmudic Cultures and successor of Judith Butler on the chair for rhetorics at University Berkley, gives an opening lecture about the transformation of Judaism, Boris Nikitin talks with the former left-wing now right-wing politician Vera Lengsfeld and with the ex Neonazi Christian Weissgerber about political conversion, the dazzling historian David Schmidt talks about the 17th June 2017, soundartist Adolfina Fuck transforms videoimages of transgender demonstration into beats and the Free Evangelical Community of Jena will do their Sunday service on stage of Theaterhaus Jena.

A ready made, an avangardistic poem, a propagandistic assembly.

Boris Nikitin
Production management
Caroline Buchartwoski, Birgit Liebold
Daniel Boyarin, Monster Truck, Markus & Markus, Oliver Zahn & Julian Warner, David Schmidt, Laura de Weck, Evangeliumsgemeinde Jena, Vera Lengsfeld, Christian Ernst Weissgerber, Adolfina Fuck & Wüstenfucks u.a.

A production by Theaterhaus Jena und Jena Kultur.