Poslednji kanček fikcije

  • Theatre
  • Mladinsko
  • 2023
“Who did in fact direct this play?”
“The performance moves on the thin line between the possibility of doubt about theatre, faith in our world and the certainty of faith in the meaning due to which we continue to produce, achieve and act - and thus keep things as they are.”
“A refined staging of Boris Nikitin attempts to question the foundations of faith – whatever it is – through the use of the story of the disbelieving Thomas and the fact, that the moment when Thomas is supposed to have put the finger into Jesus' wound, is not found in the Bible at all.”
“It is an elusive experiment, that overturns established perspectives and navigates non-linearly between reality and fiction, the narrative and the confessional, the performative and illusionist theatre, the serious and the solemn and the humorous.”


    • 23 + 24 April 2024
      • Mladinsko, Lubljana
    • 6 + 7 June 2023
      • Theater Mladinsko Ljubljana
    • 30 + 31 May 2023
      • Theater Mladinsko Ljubljana
    • 26 May 2023
      • Theater Mladinsko Ljubljana
    • 24 May 2023
      • Theater Mladinsko Ljubljana
    • 23 May 2023
      • Theater Mladinsko Ljubljana
      • World Premiere

It is a famous scene in the New Testament: After his torture and execution, Jesus appears to his disciples and has his flesh wound poked by the doubting Thomas' finger. A moment that cuts history in two like an axe blow. This is the final proof of the bodily resurrection and consequently a proof that Jesus is indeed the Christ, the Messiah, the Son of God. There is a world before and a world after.

But the scene has a catch: it does not exist. John, who is the only one of the four evangelists to tell of Thomas the Doubter, reports of an encounter, but there is no touching in his case either. Even with John, a residue remains: the possibility that Jesus' appearance was merely a collective delusion. Therefore, the entire Christian faith is based on a blank space.

What is faith, what is conviction, what is real? Director and writer Boris Nikitin is known for his passionate, often queer exploration of constructions of reality and identity. Many of his works straddle the ambiguous line between document and its forgery, between physical experience and mere dreamlike imagination. With The Last Fiction Piece he now continues a series of pieces in which he appropriates the format of the sermon. Part staged readymades, part illusion theatre, he enters the zone of revolt with actor Primož Bezjak and a choir, in which certainty is produced and the world is invented.

Text, Regie, Bühne
Boris Nikitin
Primož Beziak
Akademski pevski zbor Tone Tomšič Univerze v Ljubljani
Musikalische Leitung
Rahela Durič Barić
Polona Janežič
Übersetzung des Textes
Jan Krmelj
Dramaturgie, Kostüme
Goran Injac
Kristina Kokalj, Boris Nikitin
Marijan Sajovic, Silvo Zupančič
Stage Manager
Urša Červ, Gašper Tesner