Revolution of the vulnerable

  • Workshop
  • Goethe Institut Mumbai
  • 2019

Write a draft of a manifesto.

It must be not shorter than 400 characters.

and not longer than 4000 characters.

Take at least 20 Minutes to write it.

Formulate and postulate what is important for you:

how you want to work

how you want to think

what you want to believe in

how you want to desire.

While writing and thinking:

try to be serious and unserious at the same time.

You can also invent an «alter ego» if you want.

Don’t think about others. Don’t do it «right».

Try to focus.

With a manifesto you don’t just represent yourself,

but you are creating a reality while writing.
Every manifesto is a kind of a coming-out.

Dare to be propagandistic.

Observe the moments in which you hesitate. They are interesting and nice.

Try to be vulnerable.

Try to use your vulnerability as an ability.

Make mistakes.

Don’t be afraid of being naive.
It’s ok to be vulgar.
Every sentence can be an experiment of and with the future.

Don’t forget: it’s a draft.

Don’t finish it.

Concept workshop
Boris Nikitin
Curated by
Anuja Ghosalkar & Kai Tuchman

In the context of "Staging Realities" at Goethe Institut Mumbai.