Uzrukki Schmidt (Foto: Boris Nikitin)

Sonnet 20

  • Theatre
  • Gessnerallee
  • 2015


    • 25 – 28 May 2015
      • Gessnerallee, Zürich

Tonight I am standing here before you on the stage.

It is about bodies. And reality. And love.

About something that’s tipping over.

We are here in the theatre. You can see and hear everything that I do.

I make everything that I divulge public to you.

You can appropriate it. You can take it home with you. You can try to identify with me and my story. And with this body.

But, on the other hand, this is also a safe place.

Because this here is not reality. Rather, it is an artificial situation.

Concept, director
Boris Nikitin
Performance, songs
Julian Meding
Nadia Fistarol
krautproduktionen/Michel Schröder, Miet Warlop, Phil Hayes, Tobias Bühlmann, Boris Nikitin
Roland Schmidt
Light design
Marek Lamprecht
Nic Tillein, Mimi Bühlmann
Lukas Piccolin
Production assistant
Lena Critelli

a part of: Wenn die Lieben nicht mehr das ist, was sie war
commissioned by: kraut_produktionen, Gessnerallee Festspiele Zürich