Imitation of Life. Notes and sketches 2008 – 2016

  • Collection of notes
  • 2018

"The fake is not a mind game for me. It is a real instrument, so that I don't have to consider reality as something completed, but can consider it as a construct. As something potential, as something that could not be like the way it is and which I can therefore have an effect on. For me, the fake is an instrument of the capacity to act."

(About the coming-out, 2010, excerpt from the collection)

Published in the volume
"To do as if"

Edited by
André Eiermann

Peter Lang

Further contributions by
Sebastian Blasius, Jeroen Coppens, André Eiermann, Ulrike Hass, Bojana Kunst & Ivana Müller, Stephanie Metzger, Gerald Siegmund, Stefanie Wenner, Benjamin Wihstutz